Our Digital Marketing Services enable our customers to deliver end-to-end Customer First Connected Enterprise solutions for Marketing, Branding, Prospecting, Selling and Servicing using our CXM 2.0 Customer Experience Management methodology.

121Advisor also provides SaaS hosting services, multi-lingual chatbot implementation and mobile e-learning course development.

CXM 2.0 Customer Experience Management Model

Build Personalized Customer Journeys based on target personas

AIDA model for referrals, marketing and sales

  • Awareness: create brand and product awareness
  • Interest: personalized engagement with consumers
  • Desire: create emotional connection
  • Action: Call to Action to buy

Personalized marketing and purchase interactions based on persona segments to create interest and desire to buy the right product.

ALA model for servicing, cross-sell and upsell

  • Adoption: personalized customer service engagement
  • Loyalty: provide great customer service experience
  • Advocacy: encourage sharing and referrals

Deliver great experience via personalized customer services engagement to build trusted relationships encouraging referrals.

Digital Marketing

CXM 2.0 is a 5 step end-to-end personalized consumer engagement model

  • Marketing develop personalized customer journeys that integrate social and email campaigns
  • Branding to build corporate brand awareness
  • Prospecting generate referrals from website and social media that are auto-assigned to advisors
  • Selling direct online consumer purchase or advisor sales via mobile point of sales apps
  • Servicing customer self-service portal, robo advisor and personalized customer service engagement

Digital Marketing Services

  • Define target segments via automated Persona rules assessment
  • Develop personalized Customer Journeys for each target segment
  • Design and run social & email campaigns with ROI analytics
  • UI/UX design and implementation of SEO optimized, mobile responsive websites and portals
  • Template based content creation

Multi-Lingual Chatbot & Robo Advisor Implementation

  • Reduce customer service costs by up to 40% by implementing 24×7 intelligent multi-lingual bots
  • Scripting and implementation of multi-lingual chatbots for FAQs, lead generation, customer service delivering personalized customer experiences
  • Development of multi-lingual Robo Advisors for lifestyle financial planning and product advice
  • Advisor support via authenticated enquiries on status of customer applications and claims

Robo Advisor platform revenues set to increase to USD5 billion in 2022

Source- Fintech Futures: Market Disruption, Leading Innovators & Emerging Opportunities 2017 – 2022, Juniper Research


Multi-lingual Chatbot for Financial Insurance & Takaful

Hosted Services

  • 121Advisor is a regulatory approved financial services outsource provider
  • Provision of SaaS (Software as a Service) application hosting
  • Provision of 3-tier regulatory compliant infrastructure hosting with disaster recovery site
  • 24/7 Hosting & Managed Services

E-Learning Course Development

We assist agency training departments in

  • Conversion of existing training material into mobile e-learning content that can be downloaded and run offline on agent’s mobile devices
  • We enhance training courses via e-learning interactions, dialogue simulations and interactive assessments
  • Create e-learning modules with option to host on Learning Management System that tracks assessment scores and interfaces to agency administration system