All your Digital Needs with 121Advisor's Customer First Connected Enterprise Digital Framework


Building Predictive Analytics Models (PAM) for Banking, Insurance & Takaful

Building Predictive Analytics Models (PAM) for Banking, Insurance & Takaful. 121Advisor solutions focus on predictive marketing & sales, customer service, new business underwriting, personalization and claims management.

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Multi-lingual Chatbot for Financial Insurance & Takaful (FITbot)

Multi-lingual Robo Advisor and chatbot that utilizes hybrid trees and natural language processing (NLP) to engage with customers to offer a more personalized customer experience and generate more referrals.

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Web Portal Solution for Sales & Servicing (WebPoS)

Multi-lingual mobile responsive website and portal solution to enable clients to experience a unified personalized digital experience where content, sales, marketing and work management are consolidated instead of siloed.

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Referral Management & Marketing Automation (ReMMA)

Effectively and efficiently auto-assigns, tracks and manages lead refferals and conversions based on user defined workflows. Marketing automation results in personalized content delivery, targeted campaigns and engagement.

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Sales Activity Mobile App (SAMA)

Allows agents to effectively plan and manage sales activity to ensure all leads and prospects are addressed. Managers can monitor realtime to render assistance where necessary.

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Choices Online Store (COS)

Allows insurers and takaful operators to provide direct purchase of products online. Can integrate with Multi-lingual Chatbot for Financial Insurance & Takaful (FITbot) robo-advisor services as well as referrals via Referral Management & Marketing Automation (ReMMA).

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Takaful & Insurance Mobility Made Simple (TIMMS)

A cross platform mobile point of sales solution allowing agents to identify client financial needs via Customer Fact Find, recommend products, make presentations, generate quotes and e-submit applications, in a regulatory compliant process.

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Customer Self-Service Portal (CSSP)

Reduces operating cost by enabling the customer to view their detailed information in terms of profile, policies and contracts purchased online, make renewal payment, submit service requests, seek information, or file a complaint.

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Community & E-worksite Marketing & Distribution (CeMD)

Community portal solution allows organisations to engage with members of their community to nurture trust and create advocates thereby improving customer retention.

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Multi-channel Distribution Management Solution (McDMS)

For general agencies, IFAs, brokers to simplify operations by consolidating their diverse requirements. With built in performance management and compensation computation our clients have seen improved sales with reduced administration costs.

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Enterprise Product Configurator (EPC)

Reduce the time to market for insurance and takaful products. Built to rapidly setup product rates, illustrations, validation engine as well as automated testing module allows quick product deployment.

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