Customer Self-Service Portal (CSSP)

Reduces operating cost by enabling the customer to view their detailed information in terms of profile, policies and contracts purchased online, make renewal payment, submit service requests, seek information, or file a complaint.

What is CSSP?

The Customer Self Service Portal is an on-demand access point enabling customer to view their insurance/takaful account, anywhere and anytime. This enables the policyholders to view their policies and certificate details via a simple internet connection. The portal provides a safe avenue for customers to update their personal information, pay premium, switch funds, print documents, update beneficiary details, request policy changes and engage in filing claims and processing, which traditionally would take weeks to be executed due to siloed lines of business. The platform also supports automated workflows that are triggered by certain customer activities which are routed to relevant departments and customers are kept informed via emails or messaging. Providing a portal for your customers with the convenience of self-servicing, customers can enjoy the freedom of doing what’s convenient for them, when they want anywhere.


With the advancements in digital technologies, customers today have become accustomed to on-demand access. It didn’t take long for this trend to spread to the insurance and takaful industry, where customers want a user-friendly unified system to meet their immediate needs 24/7. A corporate website alone is no longer enough to address the needs of policyholders. The customer portal allows policyholders to securely interact and get information themselves, eliminating any manual processing, waiting time or seeking the services of a customer representative for seemingly simple tasks. In essence, a customer portal is a compilation of self-help functions available to customers for self-resolution of problems through use of a knowledge base.

It is a digital solution that becomes the first line of support for policyholders allowing a greater sense on empowerment to the customers. Not only have these self-service customer portals created a more convenient system for policyholders but digitizing and automation of the processes has improved the operational efficiency of the insurer and takaful operator. No longer will they need to expand additional cost and time into making calls, mailing paper documents and transferring customer information from paper to computer. In addition to this, these common tasks reduce the demands on customer service, allowing representatives to focus on more unique incidents should they arise.

By integrating the multi-lingual FITbot with the customer portal, you can further reduce customer service costs by assisting customers on self-service enquiries, linking them to relevant pages in the customer portal and giving them advice on products and their financial needs. FITbot saves the consumer interactions enabling data analysts to view at a later time to verify responses and train the bot to improve responses.

Features of CSSP

  • Self-Registration or Admin creation through email.

  • Forms
  • Product Documents
  • Policy and Certificate Documents
  • Statements

  • View and Update Nomination, Beneficiaries, Trustee.
  • View and Update Life Assured and Policy Holder Details at client level or policy level.
  • Quick access to contact information.

  • Fund selection and switching.
  • Policy benefits.
  • Transactions history.
  • View plan and rider selection.
  • Claims information and status updates.
  • Request for renewal.
  • Request quotes for new insurance.
  • Correction of information in a policy.
  • Request to editing coverage.

  • Make e-Payment.
  • View and download invoice.
  • Setup recurring e-Payment.
  • Integration withe-Payment & SMS gateway.
  • Paid premium history.

  • Service request.
  • Claims Notification.

  • Synchronization of policy listing and policy data.
  • Capturing of policy details such as product, sum assured and premiums.
  • Nominees and absolute assignee.
  • Fund Pricing.
  • Intermediary contact: Require daily agent sync to update agent status and not allow viewing of terminated intermediaries.

Upfront generation of:
  • Use Digital Lifecycle Marketing personas and lead scoring to personalize content and recommend products based on their lifestyle goals when they access the Customer portal.
  • Use risk scoring to pre-approve targeted products for customers to purchase.

Upfront generation of:
  • Tool to suggest right insurance/takaful product based on customer data.
  • Custom email templates for auto-mailing customer specific information.
  • Customer Activity Tracking for you to understand patterns of site usage and advanced analytics for management.
  • Integrate with multi-lingual chatbot to enhance 24×7 customer engagement.

Benefits of CSSP

Learn how it works

  • Register to the portal with their policy/certificate details.
  • Login to their accounts on portal with username and password used for registration.
  • View dashboard with list policy/certificate.
  • View policy details by selecting policy.
  • View and switch funds.
  • Download statements.
  • View relationships and beneficiaries.
  • View premium paid and transactions.
  • Make premium e-Payment.
  • Manage your portal account.
  • Make claim and check claim status.


Customer Self-Service Portal

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