Sales Activity Mobile App (SAMA)

Allows agents to effectively plan and manage sales activity to ensure all leads and prospects are addressed. Managers can monitor realtime to render assistance where necessary.

What is SAMA?

Sales Activity Mobile App (SAMA) is a mobile activity management solution for financial, insurance and takaful sales advisors and managers that also supports point-of-sales. It allows users to effectively plan and manage lead generation & sales activities, enabling the upline managers to monitor their targets and assist when targets are not met.


The competitive business environment has created many challenges for the financial service sector. One of them is management of the sales process undertaken by agents and sales advisors. With the current level of technological advancements and recruitment of young talent in sales, insurers, takaful operators and banks need to introduce solutions that can help their workforce manage work in an efficient and convenient way. Such solutions simplify performance tracking and increases visibility of end-to-end sales process, allowing companies to take timely decisions. To address these issues, we’ve developed the Sales Activity Mobile Application with the core objective of activity management supported by a point tracking system.

The solution supports setting up sales targets for each individual agent. Then as the agent progress from one activity to another, they are able to track and record the details, for which points are rewarded. Additionally, SAMA includes interactive and animated built in sales presentation which can also be used for recruiting and sales. These presentations can be integrated with lifestyle financial planning to help prospects better understand their need. Moreover, advisors can use Referral Management & Marketing Automation (ReMMA) solution to receive warms leads as well as obtaining new referrals from their customers. The SAMA solution allows sales leaders to monitor, manage and keep in touch with all their agents via agent’s performance KPI scoring and activity reports.

Features of SAMA

Manage prospective customers with ease for creating and managing targeted contact lists using a wide variety of fields.
  • Create contacts
  • Update contacts details comprehensively
  • Integration with Referral Management & Marketing Automation (ReMMA) for contacts through referrals.
  • Get referrals from customers.

Integrated approach to tracking of all information and communication activities linked to contacts. Effectively plan and mange daily activities to achieve sales targets by planning calls to prospects, set sales presentation and service appointments.
  • Create activities on a planned date, for example Calls, Sales Presentation, Recruiting presentation and Service appointment
  • Update outcome of activities
  • Define activity KPIs based on outcome of each activity

Ensure secure remote mobile devices connection to portal to
  • Verify agent status and get notifications
  • Synchronise activities
  • Backup data and restore in event device is lost.
  • Receive and update referral status to Referral Management & Marketing Automation (ReMMA)

Interactive Lifestyle Financial Planning enables agents to
  • Make a Customer Fact Find (CFF) and recommend products that meet client’s immediate needs
  • Generate and send PDF document

Preview and plan activities for the day
  • Set reminders before activity due
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly views

Interactive presentations to prospects to:
  • Introduce company and services provided
  • Product explanation
  • Recruiting

Advisors Activities and KPIs are synchronized to portal to enable Agents & Managers to view
  • Review down line agent MTD, YTD performance and, activity targets
  • Generate Balanced Scorecard KPIs.

Benefits of SAMA

Learn how it works

  • System Administrator registers, or synchronizes:
    • Authorized advisors details in SAMA portal
    • Advisors’ device ID in SAMA portal
  • Once registration successful, Email notification send to advisors with the following details:
    • User Name
    • Password
    • Link to download app from SAMA Portal
  • Authorize advisors requires to download the app.
  • Install app in tablet/desktop.
  • Upon completion of the installation, advisors needs to activate their ID.
  • Once ID has been activated, advisor can proceed to use the app for Sales Activity etc.
  • Advisors can create a contact for the customer or use referral from ReMMA to contact the lead.
  • Advisors can set and manage activities for the contact.
  • Sales presentation with potential leads.
  • Track lead status.
  • Management can track the advisor’s KPI and incentives are calculated.


Sales Activity Mobile App

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