Takaful & Insurance Mobility Made Simple (TIMMS)

A cross platform mobile point of sales solution allowing agents to identify client financial needs via Customer Fact Find, recommend products, make presentations, generate quotes and e-submit applications, in a regulatory compliant process.

What is TIMMS?

Takaful and Insurance Mobility Made Simple (TIMMS) is a mobile straight through solution designed specifically to cater for the need of mobility on Point-of-Sales for Insurance, Takaful and Financial services. It is uniquely designed to support cross-platform such as iOS, Android and Windows platforms (desktop and tablet). TIMMS covers both offline/online sales mode which enable sales team to manage their leads, track their sales activities, conduct sales presentation to potential prospects, create quotation, generate sales illustration, complete proposal with e-payment and perform smart underwriting.

Supports cross-platform such as iOS, Android and Windows platforms (desktop and tablet)

Integrated with e-Payment, e-Signature features for a total “Paper-less” experience


Takaful & Insurance Mobility Made Simple (TIMMS) helps advisors to plan their lead activities and sales in single application It has great performance with simplified front end insurance/takaful process and easy to use, install and to learn with. Mobile devices have transformed how customers engage with businesses. The insurance and takaful industry is no exception to this transformation. As more and more people gain access to mobile devices their expectations for a proper customer experience also surge. The domination of mobile technology as a source of business mobility has bought sales opportunities to the forefront.

TIMMS offers insurers and takaful operators a modern customer servicing tool to increase agent-based sales. The solution prides itself in transforming agents work from the traditional paperwork approach to a more holistic sales management solution, where smaller devices are used to present sales opportunities, visual presentation of complex policy details, built-in dynamic calculators, sales illustration tools and expediated underwriting via proposal submissions and document gathering. For straight-through processing TIMMS solution can be easily integrated with back-end administration systems, document management and payment gateways.

TIMMS can be integrated with other 121 EDF solutions such as, Enterprise Product Configurator (EPC) that deploys new product releases to specified channels which can be accessed on TIMMS Solution and Referral Management & Marketing Automation (ReMMA) for automated referral management and escalation monitoring.

Features of TIMMS

Manage prospective customers with ease for creating and managing targeted contact lists using a wide variety of fields.
  • Create contacts
  • Update contacts details comprehensively
  • Integration with Referral Management & Marketing Automation (ReMMA) for contacts through referrals.
  • Get referrals from customers.

  • Life Assured / Proposer Details.
  • Beneficiaries Details i.e. Nominee and Appointed Trustee.
  • Health & Underwriting Questions for Standard & Sub-Standard Cases.
  • ePayment gateway integration for initial and recurring payment.
  • Form generations
  • Camera features to upload image as supporting documents
  • Email proposal details to customers.

  • Quick Quote
  • Fund Selection
  • Top-up
  • Sales Illustration & Product Disclosure Sheet Generation
  • Email Customer Sales Illustration & Product Disclosure Sheet.
  • Premium Quotation

Integrated approach to tracking of all information and communication activities linked to contacts.
  • Create activities on a planned date, for example call, sales presentation and meeting.
  • Update outcome of activities

  • Sales Presentation
  • Product Features
  • Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)
  • Customer Fact Find (CFF)
  • Confirmation of Advice (CA)

  • User Administration Services and Security
  • Application Download and Update Services
  • Application Backup and Upload Services
  • User Account Self-Management
  • Full regulatory compliance

  • Data and Documents Submission to TIMMS portal.
  • Data and Documents Submission core back-end databases and document management systems.

Upfront generation of:
  • Letter of Acceptance / Welcome Letter
  • Policy Schedule
  • Policy Information Sheet

Benefits of TIMMS

Learn how it works

  • System Administrator register:
    • Authorized advisors details in TIMMS portal
    • Advisors device ID in TIMMS portal
  • Once registration success, Email notification send to advisors with the following details:
    • User Name
    • Password
    • Link to download app from TIMMS Portal
  • Authorize advisors requires to download the app
  • Install app in tablet/desktop
  • Upon completion of the installation, advisors needs to activate their ID
  • Once ID has been activate, advisor can proceed to use the app.
  • Advisors can create a contact for the customer or use referral from ReMMA to contact the lead.
  • Advisors can set and manage activities for the contact.
  • Sales presentation with potential leads.
  • Customer’s needs can be analysed through Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) and Customer Fact Find (CFF).
  • Calculate premium quotation for the potential customer.
  • Fill Life Assured and Proposer details for proposal.
  • Capture payment information manually or automatically via ePayment gateway.
  • Capture all documents and data.
  • Submit all documents and data to portal and core back-end.
  • Generate policy for customer.


Takaful & Insurance Mobility Made Simple

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