Agency Leader Corporation

ALC Management

Easily monitor sales target and manage performance

Agency Leader Corporation

ALC Management

Easily monitor sales target and manage performance


ALC management system is specially tailored for leaders and agents. With our Mobile App you have details at your finger tips and with our Web App you get rich detailed views

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Accomplish company goal and ambition, anytime…anywhere

  • Customizable compensation schemes, bonus, promotion/demotion rules.
  • Easily monitor your agents performance.
  • Contest tracking progress
  • Bulk payment file (Maybank2e) can be generated upon commission cycle approval
  • More…

What is ?

  • Performance report
  • Persistency report
  • Commission income statement
  • CP58 Year End income Statement
  • Payment report
  • Withholding tax report
  • Agent & Leader ranking by performance / recruitment / case / manpower
  • Ranking by Product
  • Ranking by Branch
  • Leader can monitor their downline or spin off leader performance
  • Robust engine availability to setup Sales performance or recruitment contest
  • Agent /Leader able to track their contest performance status at the dashboard

Key Features

Easy monitor to access your customer data and sales target.


Maintenance Of Contract

Leader and agent can monitor MOC progress regularly.


Sales Performance

By monitoring these performance metrics, leaders can identify areas of strength and improvement, track progress towards goals, provide targeted coaching and support to their team members, and make informed business decisions.


My Progress

Leader and agent can monitor Progress Regularly and provide guidance on recommended number of cases by customer segment in order for agent to reach the sales target.


Leaderboard Ranking

Implementing a leaderboard ranking system can indeed foster healthy competition among agents and leaders within a company. It can serve as a motivational tool to encourage performance improvement and drive overall productivity.

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